Chihsingtan Scenic Area

/ Natural Landscape
Beautiful scenic walkways, beachside pavilions and stargazing squares as well as a well-organized bike road. The visitors may rent bicycles and immerse themselves in the natural environment!

Chihsingtan Katsuo Museum

/ Urban Town
The museum is 1.5 square-kilometers in size and divided into themed exhibits, specialty area, DIY area, hot meal area and cafeteria. The central theme of the museum is cultural experience; it is divided into Katsuo manufacturing, set-net fisheries and ocean ecology areas.

自選旅遊行程 缺英文

/ Natural Landscape

Hualien Pine Garden

/ Monuments Tour
Unique Japanese architecture. Not only can you take in the Meilun estuary and Pacific Ocean from above, but you may also watch the ships of Hualien Port entering and exiting. The perfect view coupled with old pine trees make for a tranquil spot and add to the historic atmosphere.

Hualien Winery

/ Urban Town
Creatively designed decorations made from waste liquor urns within the winery grounds add to the artistic feel of the winery. There are also alcohol-related products such as smoothies, golden water and facial masks. They also offer wine with custom labeling made by customers which possess great commemorative value.
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