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Hotel in Yilan, Hualien, Tainan, Suao

Lakeshore Hotels

Lakeshore International Hotel Group is a chain hotel in Taiwan. With over 20 years of experience in managing business and resort hotels, Lakeshore Hotel Group now has nine hotel facilities, including Lakeside Hsinchu, Metro Hsinchu, Hualien, Taroko, Suao, Yilan, Tainan, The Moment Hotel Yilan, and The Moment Hotel Hualien, all devoted to bring our passion for the land and for travelers in providing the best accommodation, seeing our precious guests the rich and distinct beauty of Taiwan and an extraordinary travelling experience.

Lakeshore believes that a hotel is the intersection for the forming of friendship between people and land. Starting from Lakeshore, we hope to bring about another way of travelling- seeking the common good. With this faith in mind, Lakeshore cultivates in manifesting the value of the local culture, so that the travelers can choose out of the common faith and give back to the local community, and in turn, become our inspiration to stride forward continuously.

Lakeshore Promises Safe-Stay Hotel

Insistence on high standard cleaning operations
Assurance on the cleanliness of all the facilities and spaces

As the pandemic begins to die down, people begin to resume their normal lives. All the hotels of the Lakeshore Group maintain a high standard in their cleaning operations as that during the epidemic. Conducting each of the cleaning processes carefully, our staff are dedicated to safeguard the wellbeing and health of our colleagues and visitors.